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PA Week Oct 6, 2021 - Who inspired you to be a PA?

  • 6 Oct 2021 07:31
    Message # 11144355

    Good morning and happy PA week! Today's topic:

    Who inspired you to be a PA? Feel free to share photos if you have them

    Or you can just leave your name for a chance to enter the raffle.

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  • 6 Oct 2021 11:19
    Reply # 11144907 on 11144355
    Maj Latasha Johnson

    My AF Reserve PA mentor that I worked for as a Army medic on the Joint Task Force - Operation Jumpstart Border Mission. I was his designated medical technician at the Navy Air Facility - El Centro, CA. at the time and he encouraged me to become a PA although my studies were focused on becoming a PT. He would challenge me to learn how to do procedures and exams on my own and would quiz me on medical topics that he taught me in the clinic. He always followed through to make sure I was taken care of both at work and outside of work . He followed up on me throughout the years to make sure I was moving forward on my career path. He would always tell me his cool medical stories and experiences with traveling overseas, humanitarian missions, and how being a PA would afford me similar opportunities. It was after this assignment that I changed my career focus from PT to PA. I have him to thank for motivating me, inspiring me, and for all of the help he provided me along the way through mentorship. He retired as a Colonel and Commander at Moffeit AFB, CA. I remember always telling  him that I wanted to be like him when I grew up and now I have had all the opportunities that he mentioned.  I am on my way to Lt Col, currently a Flight Commander, I have traveled the world, and most importantly I am a PA today and I enjoy what I do!   

  • 6 Oct 2021 16:19
    Reply # 11145722 on 11144355

    My son inspired me to become a PA! My son was born 2 months premature and had several medical issues that his pediatrician and surgical team could not determine the cause or a treatment plan.  I was working at a medical school as a research assistant at the time and started doing my own research on his symptoms.  I made an appointment with a specialist who authored several papers on the subject and we finally had a diagnosis and a course of treatment.  I loved being a small part of my son getting the care he needed and afterwards started looking into careers in the medical field.  A few years later I started PA school and graduated in 2011.  I have been practicing medicine for almost 10 years now and have had some of the best experiences as a PA in the Air National Guard and in my civilian practice in rheumatology!

  • 6 Oct 2021 19:34
    Reply # 11146084 on 11144355
    Erin Beaver

    My Wife - who is currently deployed and also an AF PA - inspired me! 

  • 7 Oct 2021 07:26
    Reply # 11147024 on 11144355

    Before PA school I worked as a radiologic technologist performing CT scans at a local medical center. One of the radiologist I worked with told me his father was a PA and I should look into it. He even offered to have the radiology group provide a grant for me if I would come back and work for them. During procedures in the CT scanner he would always take a moment to do some teaching or allow me to assist. 

  • 9 Oct 2021 07:16
    Reply # 11227644 on 11144355
    Taylor Bottari

    Happy PA week!!! I’d have to say my very first flight commander and supervising physician had the biggest impact on my military and PA career. I learned so much from them and they really encouraged me to keep on going! And of course I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without the support of my family.

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