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Today we are highlighting those in Academia and Orthopedic Surgery

October 8, 2020

Maj Brandon Mondfrans

42 G Operations Officer

Major James Moore is the Deputy Branch Chief for the Interservice Physician Assistant Program (IPAP) where he assists in the management of the largest PA program. He also teaches Neurology to approximately 250 students per year. IPAP is affiliated with the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) and is ranked #10/260 national PA programs. 

During the initial COVID outbreak, Major Moore led the IPAP pandemic response by working with sister service counterparts in order to move didactic instruction to an online format. Achieving this monumental task in 48 hours, he was able to prevent COVID outbreak within the program while maintaining instructional integrity and eliminating educational delays.

As we celebrate National PA Week, it's important to recognize Maj Moore and the countless PA Professors and Instructors who ensure exceptional education platforms are provided to our future colleagues. #PAsdothat

Captain Sidonia Williamson is one of our recent Orthopaedic Surgery Physician Assistant (OSPA) Fellowship graduates and was praised by the staff and surgeons she trained under. “I have never felt more part of a medical team until my OSPA fellowship. I didn’t appreciate how important the training was until I lived it.  I was guided by some of the intellectually gifted PAs the Air Force has to offer and I hope to emulate them someday.  Our surgeons pushed me to manage challenging cases in clinic, the ER, as well as the operating room. I survived “swimming with sharks” through diligent reading and studying throughout the training program, but there is still an insane amount of orthopaedic surgery to learn! As Physician Assistants, we have so much latitude to grow in the world of orthopaedics.”

42Gs, have you considered applying for an HPERB fellowship? One such opportunity, and many would argue the best option, is an OSPA Fellowship. This program is a 12-18 month commitment, which includes comprehensive orthopaedic surgery services in the operating room, outpatient, inpatient, and emergency departments.  Program goals include examination, interpretation of labs and images, outpatient procedures, and development of goal-oriented treatment plans for musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. Training also focuses on surgical first assist as well as perioperative patient management. This includes local and regional anesthetics, therapeutic and diagnostic joint injections, fracture fluoroscopy, fracture reduction and management at a level 1 trauma hospital, wound closure/suturing, graft preparation, complex wound debridement, perioperative wound care, skeletal traction, and external fixation.
Follow-on assignments, as graduates from the OSPA fellowships, include both CONUS and OCONUS opportunities. More information about applying can be found on the knowledge exchange at
If this sounds appealing, I recommend you apply, and become part of the best team the Air Force has to offer! National PA Week! #PAsdothat


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