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   Nomination Platforms Received:


Julie Glover

Joint  Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia

PLATFORM:   After being in the communications director at-large position over the last two years, I’ve been able to create the website to give us a bigger footprint for SAFPA. This creativity along with my vision to strengthen our mission and vision as an organization makes me a viable candidate for this position. I also want to ensure we continue to grow our membership for delegate growth to help our state partners fight for better PA practice laws across the country. Currently, our position in the military actually gives us more rights than our counterparts do in the civilian sector especially optimal team practice and autonomy. We are a voice for them and for our-selves and our retired members who are now working in the civilian sector.

I believe that I can also work with the board on improving your understand as a SAFPA mem-ber to know exactly why you became a member. I’d like to bring SAFPA to the front as an ad-vocate for more educational resources for our members, more outreach to our PA community, and an organization that backs our PAs moving into other areas of medicine beyond family practice and the current specialties available to us. We were built as medical providers to move to various specialties with ease and on the job training. I’d like SAFPA to help fight for this al-lowing our PAs to spend more time in other clinics that are currently understaffed and not just family practice. I believe there’s an answer here that SAFPA as an advocate organization can work with our top PA leaders to find a middle ground that coincides with the DHA and AF mis-sion while trying to retain our PAs who leave too soon.



Brittany K. Schott Joseph,

RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom

PLATFORM:   I have been an Air Force Officer for over 7 years and have held multiple organizational leadership positions. I am currently the Finance Chair for the RAF Mildenhall Mayfair Bazaar committee and am responsible for managing an annual budget of over $30K. Since being in this position, I have reconstructed the online finance platform for the organization to streamline transactions coming from multiple sources (Paypal, bank wire, check, etc) as well as to allow for an online submission for reimbursement within the organization. Additional responsibilities I have managed in this position include coordinating MOUs and contracts with AF and outside agencies, establishing financial plans and training for events, and collaborating with legal on financial obligations during contract reviews. I consider myself a well-organized individual with the utmost integrity.

If elected to this position, my goal is to ensure that the financial obligations of the organization are met in a timely and cost-efficient manner, to maintain detailed and accurate records of the finances and meeting notes at all times, and to have these records in an easily accessible format for reference by approved individuals. I am excited at the opportunity to offer my time and talents in the continuing improvement of our amazing professional organization.



Lee Paschen,

Edwards AFB, California

PLATFORM:   I would like to be in this position because I feel that in today's society communication and so-cial media are our primary platforms for information. My main goal throughout my career is to mentor, guide, and give back to the career field and those in the Air Force that are coming behind me. I am also a member of the Junior Advisory Board. My vision in this position is to join the two organizations together and help them work hand in hand with communication to the career field, but also, be a conduit for the lower ranking officers within the organization. If the two platforms work together simultaneously, then it will help the PA community and career field take off to new heights. Also, I believe that the SAFPA website has made great progress over the past year and I would like to continue to help it become even greater.



JoyAnne E. Tesei,

Shaw AFB, South Carolina

PLATFORM:   As a PA I am always striving to increase my professional knowledge and experiences. One of the most effective ways I have been able to achieve this is by networking and collaborating with other PAs. I strongly feel that we only get better by leveraging each other’s strengths and learning from one another. To that end one of the best ways we can do this is by supporting our professional organization and making sure we have a voice on platforms beyond the Air Force such as the AAPA. For that to happen, it is imperative that we maintain our current members and bring new members into our organization. We all have something to offer but we must get involved! I want this position to put these beliefs into practice. I’ve been a SAFPA member since joining the Air Force in 2015 and I have gotten much from the organization. Now I want to take that to the next level on the BoD.

With another Master of Science in Communication and Public Relations, I will leverage my marketing skills to find innovative ways to reach potential new SAFPA members and keep our current members in the fold. I want to demonstrate to our existing membership why remaining a SAFPA member is beneficial to them, other AF PAs and the PA community overall. I want AF PAs who are not currently members of SAFPA to join our organization and support us. I also want to encourage AF PAs who are retiring from service to stay members. Finally I want to expand our membership among AF PAs who are retired from the service but continuing to practice as civilians. This last group is one with whom I am especially excited to focus. They understand our unique military practice challenges and can help us better navigate that cross-over space where our patients are between 2 medical systems. Additionally, they will be a great resource for those of us who are retiring from active service but not from medicine. Fi-nally, I want them to know that as they’ve gone before us, we still appreciate, need, and value them.


Jamie O. Morrison,

Andrews AFB, Maryland

PLATFORM:   I want the DAL of Membership position to grow myself as a leader and aid in the building of SAFPA with the ultimate goal of growing our Physician Assistant career field.

With this position I'm hoping to build bridges with my colleagues as well as aid in advocating for the Physician Assistant's scope of practice.



Lindsay Johnston

Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio

PLATFORM:   I am very passionate about PAs and want to see our profession thrive. I have held multiple board positions in various organizations which have solidified my organizational and management skills and allowed me to mentor and advocate for my fellow PAs. I have been the Junior Advisory Board (JAB) secretary for the past 4 years where I facilitated multiple projects and taskers, posted regular updates to members, and directly recruited 26 junior officers which resulted in greater feedback and a stronger voice to senior PA leaders. I have also been a staunch advocate for protecting medical staff from patient abuse. In 2019 I created the Disruptive Patient Policy to prevent patient bullying of 200+ medical personnel. This was routed to DHA and is currently awaiting approval to be impletmented DoD wide. In addition to coordinating the AFPARC, I will actively work to bring training opportunities and CME to our members. There is a long list of centrally funded courses available to AF PAs such as Global Medicine, Medical Mishaps, AF Operational Medicine, Aerospace Medicine, and Humanitarian Crisis Response which I will push regularly to members and include updates in the TSR. I have the drive, determination, and experience to successfully advocate for our beloved profession and would be honored to do so as your DAL of Activities.



Frances D. Burress

Warner Robins AFB, Georgia 

PLATFORM:   I believe my unique experiences as an Army Veteran, Spouse and Mom, DOD Civilian, and member of the Georgia Air National Guard would be beneficial for this position. I am not afraid to ask the hard questions, think outside the box, or roll up my sleeves and put in the hard work needed to accomplish the mission. It is this combination of Military and Civilian experi-ences that will aid me in working to continue progressing our roles as PA’s forward in the Air Force.

If elected to be your Director-at-Large of ANG/AFRES, I will work at growing our networking capability for sharing resources and knowledge amongst Active Duty, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserves. Through this networking we can grow our membership, increase our voice and become a better resource for current and future members within the Air Force. I will work tirelessly with the Associate Corps Chiefs, SAFPA President and other SAFPA Board of Direc-tor’s at Large to voice your concerns from the field and accomplish our goals moving forward. I ask that you consider casting your vote for me, affording me the opportunity to represent you as the next Director-at-Large: ANG/AFRES.



Maggie Smith-Davidson

Travis AFB, California

PLATFORM:   As a PA my goal is always to expand and push our career field to its maximum capabilities. As a HPSP PA I am familiar with both civilian medicine as well as the extra demands of military medicine. I feel this experience has provided me a unique skill set to advocate on behalf of mil-itary medicine while understanding our civilian counterparts. As a PA providing care in an ER I have developed strong communication skills and find it extremely gratifying to work as a member of a team. This is a great opportunity to further expand my involvement in SAFPA and represent Air Force PAs.

I hope to expand communication between civilian entities and represent our unique active duty perspective on a national front. My goal is to be a liaison between SAFPA and AAPA to push for maximum utilization of PAs. As a delegate I hope to advocate on behalf of active duty PAs and be the voice of SAFPA members. In addition I hope to enhance communication between AAPA and SAFPA, keeping members informed on topics of interest, policies, and changes that impact our career field. I hope to elevate our presence at AAPA and to further develop this very important relationship.


Nathan Fritts

Nellis AFB, Neveda

PLATFORM:  It is my earnest desire to obtain the position of of House of Delegates Representative for SAFPA to AAPA.  I believe second to delivering healthcare to the warfighter, it is our duty as Air Force PA's to represent our profession to the medical community at large.  In this endeavor, I plan on developing an educational platform which distinctly defines the capabilities of the Air Force Physician Assistant to our military and civilian physician collaborators.  We must keep an ever present eye on the nurse practitioner field as well, so as to maintain our foothold on clinical and leadership positions.  Finally, as military advanced practice providers, we are an example for our civilian counterparts as to our independent practicing abilities, and must push for our clinical capabilities to be known to state medical boards.  Thank you for your time and consideration

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